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Lighting  Terms
Term Symbol Unit Description
Luminous Flux Φ Lumen (LM) The rate of flow of light per unit of time, especially the flux of visible light expressed in lumens.
Brightness I Candela (Cd) A unit of luminous intensity per square centimeter in one direction for illuminant
Luminous Intensity E Lux The International System unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square meter.
Average Life H Hour The hour numbers when 50% among a batch of bulbs damage and could not illuminate
Economic Life H Hour With considering both damage of the bulb and the state of decaying for light beam export, the hour number for the out put for comprehensive light beam to one specific proportion. It is 70% that this proportion is used in the outdoor light source , while it is 80% to be used in the indoor light source such as the fluorescent lamp.
Color Temperature K   The colour temperature degree shows with absolute temperature K (kevin) , heat a standard boldface (for example the iron ), at it rise temperature until one degree it begin color by the red-> the pale red-> the orange-> the white-> the blue and white-> the blue, change gradually. With this light’s change’s characteristic, when the light color for some light source is the same as a certain temperature boldface of light source, we call the definitely temperature for the boldface as the colour temperature for this light source .
When the colour temperature degree is under 3000K, the light color begins to lean towards red phenomena, give peolpe a kind of warm feeling.. When the colour temperature degree exceeds 5000K, the color leans to the blue, gives people a kind of deserted feeling.
Colour Rendering Ra   The show degree for the light source to show the object’ color, that is also called color lifelike degree. The high colour rending light source could show better color for the object and the the clor we see is close to natural primary color. The low colour rending light source will show worse color for the object, and the color deviation that we see is relatively great too.
Light Source Efficiency Lm/W   Light source efficiency (Lm/w ) =The lumen (Lm ) / power consumption ( w)
Glare     There is object extremely high in luminance that passes the strong luminance contrast in the vision , can cause the vision not comfortable , called the glare. Glare can be devided into lose sex glare and comfortableness glare. Glare is the important factor for affecting quality.

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